Mohawk Industries Production Associate I in Fayette, Alabama

Setting Utility

  • Can perform all of the following functions (fully trained):

  • Unloads slabs from conveyor trays and stacks on conveyor belt in Setting.

  • Monitor automatic Setting equipment for efficient operation.

  • Cleans broken tile from empty kiln cars in Setting.

  • Inspects finished tile for defects, and flips base product when necessary.

  • Discards defective tile into trash hoppers in Sorting.

  • Removes slabs from fired tile and loads into trays in Sorting..

  • Complete equipment changeovers to accommodate the different tile sizes in Sorting.

  • Operates unloading equipment and completes changeovers successfully in Sorting.

  • Operates Finger Car and necessary paperwork in Setting.

  • Operates various powered industrial trucks.

  • Scans finished product into warehouse inventory and places in proper location.

  • Removes and empties scrap and waste containers using the forklift.

  • Loads and unloads corner tile in Corners.

  • General Cleanup in various Departments.

  • Monitors equipment or processes and reports problems to supervisor.

  • Follows standard operating and safety procedures.

  • Keeps area safe, clean and organized.

Performs other related duties as required.